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Professional Sliding Panel Saw
Model PS400PRO

Main motor:   400V,3~,50Hz, 5500W
Scoring motor:   400V,3~,50Hz, 750W
Control DC-motor:    4x24V~, 50W
Main table size: 650x1050 mm
Extension table size: 760x1050 mm
Rear extension table: 450x600 mm
Sliding panel size: 3200x360 mm
Cross cut table: 1160x600 mm
Main blade size: 400x30x3 mm
Main blade speed: 4000 rpm

Scoring blade size: 120x20x3 mm
Scoring blade speed: 8500 rpm
Max cutting depth:  
130 mm @ 90° ; 92 mm @ 45°
Max dist, blade-fence: 1250 mm
Sliding panel stroke: 3000 mm
Max cross cut width: 2950 mm
Rip fence moving speed: 6000 mm/min
Main blade rising speed:  1000 mm/min
Main blade rotating speed:  45° /min
Machine size: 3200x3200x1370mm 
Packing size: 2280x1235x1150mm, 3280x410x210mm
Weight: 1000Kg


Heavy duty, high precision mechanism.
Reliabilty, high precision electrical control system.
The digital rip fence, For accuracy to one tenth of a mili-metre with large LED display. 
The digital crosscut stop, For accuracy to one tenth of a mili-metre with large LED display.
Four operations are driven by separate power-DC motor.
a. Main blade up & down
Main blade tilting  
c. Scoring blade up & down
d. Rip fence movement 

 220V,3~, 60Hz motor availabl e

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