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Portable Edge Bander

Model PEB10-55

Motor: 20W & Galvanothermy tube, 625W; 3x75W; 4x100W
Working temperature: 120~180℃
Hot melt adhesive type: Low/ intermediate temperature
Edge band material:  PVC/ABC/Melamine/laminate/Veneer
Edge band thickness:  0.3~3 mm
Min. radius-curved edge: 20mm
Edge band width:  10~55 mm
Adjustable working speed: 0~6m/min
Packing size: 380x350x405 mm(410pcs/20"container)
Weight: 8.5+4/13 kg


Working as hand edge bander.
Working as bench edge bander Standard: Work bench.

A. Suction Cups-2pcs
B. Manual Edge Trimmer
     (only for straight edge)
C. Manual straight cutting device
     (only for straight edge)
D. Hand  cutting device
     (for straight & round edge)
E. Electric Trimmer
     (for straight & round edge)
F. Movable metal box

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