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 Combi Machine
  Model  CM254/252/5

Planer & Thicknesser

Motor power 230V~,50Hz,2200W
Cutter diameter        71mm
Knives of cutter        3
Knives size        258x30x 3mm
Cutter speed 4000 rpm
Total length of planer table 955mm
Max planing width 258mm
Max chip removal 3mm
Thicknessing bed 400x 252mm
Max thicknessing width 252mm
Max chip removal 2mm
Feed rate 2m /min
Max timber height   150mm
Fence size 760x100mm
Fence tilt 45 ° ~90 °


Table size 350x 210mm
Max tool diameter 16mm
Table vertical travel 140mm
Table lateral travel 150mm
Table logitudinal travel 100mm

Table saw/ Panel saw

Motor power
Max/min main blade size 254x30x 3mm
Main blade speed 4500rpm
Main blade tilt 90 °
Cutting capacity :75mm @90 °
Main table size 250x 735mm
Sliding rail 1200(1600)mm
Cross cutting table 550x 320mm  

Packing Size: 

Model Packing size Weight
CM254/252/5-1200  1020x840x1000mm   420x420x500mm
530x510x320mm   1220x310x110mm
353/ 415 kg
CM254/252/5-1600 1020x840x1000mm   420x420x500mm
530x510x320mm   1620x310x110mm
357/ 419 kg   


Five Function:

l        Planing mode
Mortising mode
Thicknessing mode
l        Table saw mode
l        Sliding panel carriage (Optional: 1200,1600mm )


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