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Planer & Thicknesser
Model PT107  

Motor power::       230V~,50Hz, 2200 W or    400V,3~,50Hz, 3000 w
Cutter block diameter:     75 mm
Number of cutter:     3
Blade:      260x18.5x1 mm(standard) or    260x25x3 (optional) 
Cutter block speed:      4000rpm
Planning table size:        1110x265mm
Max. Planning width:       255mm
Thicknessing table size:    600x258mm
Max Thicknessing width:      255 mm
Max chip removal(planning):     4mm
Max chip removal(thicknesser):       2mm
Max thicknessing height:       190mm
Wood feed rate:       6m/min
Fence size:        1125x130mm
Fence pivoting:         90-45deg.
Dust port diameter:     100mm
Packing size:      1155x525x955mm
Weight :      162/192kg

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