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Metal Cutting Bandsaw

Motor:  230V,50Hz~, 1100W 4poles      400V,50Hz,3~, 1500/1100W,  2/4 poles
Reduce gear rate:  18:1 (1~ motor)   36:1 (3~ motor)
Wheel diameter: 300mm
Blade size:  2450x27x0.9mm
Blade speed: 75m/min (1~motor)   37.5 or 75 m/min(3~ motor)
Cutting angle: 0, 30, 45, 60 degree
Coolant pump: 230V,50Hz~,25W;  400V, 50Hz, 3~, 25W
Packing size 1320x760x950mm
Weight : 195/235kgs


Worn gear box has hardened & ground gears
Miter Cutting Ability
Blade Wheels have Heavy-duty Ball Bearings
Quick release vise for fast job changes
Built-in coolant system use water soluble oil


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