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Welding Machine for Plastic WIN-DOORS(Two points welding machine)

Model: TWM120x3500

Motor: 220V, 50Hz, 2500W

Profile welding height: 20~100mm
Profile welding width: 120mm 
Profile welding length: 400~4500mm 
Packing size: 4300x900x1650 mm 
N.W.: 800 kg


The two head of the machine is controlled by PC machine. They are pneumatically drove. Its movement adopts linear motion ball bearings in CM non-oil lubricated bearing cartridge. The precision is high, the operation is simple and the maintainance is easy.

The two heads can move singly or together at will. The welding is finished by the organic combination of the two heads. One head can weld any angle, meeting the users’ demand for the welding of windows and doors which have different shapes like arc.

120V~60Hz motor is available


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