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Aluminium Corner Cutting Saw-CNC

Model: CCS450

Motor: 380V, 3~,50Hz,2200W

Blade size: 450x30 mm
Blade speed: 2840 rpm
Max cutting size: 135x250mm 
Packing size: 1500x1300x1350 mm 
N.W.: 600 kg


Especially used for the cutting of aluminum windows and doors corner materials which has been put in the machine.

With carbide saw blade, the cutting speed of tools is fast, featuring high production rate and high precision machining.

The clamping and advance and retreat of sawing adopt are controlled by pneumatic system and achieve easy operation.

Achieve only once clamping, automatic feeding, automatic cutting, end product automatic output and automatic separation of the chips. Corner maximum size reaches to 135mmX250mm.

220V~, 50Hz or 60Hz motor is available

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